Personalized Wood Gifts for Him
Got a Special Guy in your life you need a unique gift for? Get a Personalized Wood Gifts for Him! Say no more you are in the right spot! We are a Five-Generation Manufacturing Business and we’ve been through all the technological advancements from the wooden-handled rubber stamp to laser-systems that cut Aluminum tubing on a 3D axis. You’re finally […]
Engraving Wood Puts Your Gift in a Class by Itself
Laser engraving on wood is a fascinating blend of artistry and technology, transforming raw timber into intricately designed masterpieces. This innovative technique utilizes a high-powered laser to etch precise patterns, intricate designs, or personalized messages onto various types of wood, ranging from softwoods like pine to hardwoods such as oak and maple. The laser’s focused heat vaporizes the wood’s surface, […]