History of the Company

For over 130 years, National Seal Works, Inc has served the needs of businesses in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Colombia by providing diverse goods and services to promote American businesses.

When Harry Reinhard purchased the company in 1891 for $400, most businesses were limited to using unsophisticated methods for promotional materials, such as printed media, or lower-quality bespoke products, such as badges or ribbons. As businesses’ needs evolved during the industrial revolution, National Seal Works changed with them, using innovative methods to develop products to enable American companies to succeed in an increasingly competitive global market. At the time, National Seal Works specialized in  Custom Rubber Stamps and  Notary Stamps. As time passed and ownership of the company moved on to Harry’s son Meyer , the company expanded its offerings to include office supplies, envelopes, custom stamps, embossing seals, and other specialty printing. Everything was very primitive, and most products cost only a few cents.


While National Seal Works was able to thrive under the stewardship of five generations of Reinhards, the company’s history is not without tragedy. At times, my Grandfather Robert Reinhard  would say that his Grandfather (Harry) overpaid for it, given the challenges Robert faced during his tenure as owner. After serving with honor in the army during World War II and earning a Purple Heart for his service, my Grandfather Robert returned home to pursue the American Dream. But those dreams were dashed in 1955 when the building burned to the ground- resulting in a total loss to the business.


While the event was a devastating setback for the company, my grandfather’s fortitude and commitment to making his dream succeed led him to seek opportunities to rebuild and resume business as usual! In 1969, Robert Reinhard was ready to purchase his own building and move out into “The Country” at 5606 Greendale Road in Lakeside, Virginia. We have not moved since.

When my father, Richard Reinhard (Fourth Generation), took the reins, he led a period of rapid expansion in the company with the creation of several new divisions. He created  National Marking Inc. and Industrial Decals Now, focusing on Specialty Printing, Digital Graphics, Labels, and Decals. His interest in  Pad Printing led to the purchase of specialized equipment and the establishment of  Pad Printing Pros and  Distinked Impressions (originally an art stamp division), which specialized in innovative product packaging solutions.

Richard’s son, Aaron (that’s me), continues the tradition of Reinhard men, developing new methods for American businesses to thrive. After several years of black coffee and sleepless nights seeking inspiration from higher places, Aaron Reinhard  developed  Laser Engraving Pros, which has emerged as a leader in providing custom laser engraving that promotes success in the workplace and improves quality of life in the home.

Robert Reinhard & Aaron Reinhard Giving an Overview of The Company

Our proud heritage along with our progressive and innovative business style has kept us at the forefront for over 130 years.

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